Ayurveda is a compound Sanskrit word meaning life (ayu) and knowledge (veda), thus "life knowledge" or the knowledge of how to live in tune and in harmony with the seasons, time of day, environment and natural rhythms of nature. Having the knowledge and understanding of the various qualities in nature and how they interact with our own unique physical, mental, emotional and intellectual constitution, we can implement and put into practice a lifestyle that brings about healing, harmony and balance suited to our own internal biorythms and immediate living environment.

Ayurveda was codified and systematized 5,000 ago in what is today India, but known to go back much further. It is an eternal holistic how to live science, applicable to every facet of life. Together with its sister science, Yoga, it is a complete wellness paradigm and foundation on which to launch your pursuit of higher spiritual knowledge, meditation and self-inquiry. Along with Jyotish (vedic astrology and astronomy) it speaks to the interconnectedness of our own microcosm to the greater macrocosm of nature and the outer cosmos and the intelligent energies governing it. 



Known as the mother of all healing systems, it uses herbs, plants, proper diet, proper food combining, cleansing programs and rejuvenation techniques to prevent and cure disease and induce health and well-being. It encompasses medicine, herbology, taxology, anatomy, massage therapy, surgery, astrology, astronomy, alchemy, color therapy, gems, beauty care, sex life, strength ,vitality and of course longevity, as well as a myriad of other miscellaneous aspects of life.

Learning foundational concepts about the different qualities in nature, diet and, for example, the six tastes in food: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, pungent, astringent,  Ayurveda can bring about much needed support for digestion and metabolism, strengthen immunity and promote happiness. Whether you want to learn how to make better lifestyle choices or just simple things to do to enrich even the mundane things in your life, Ayurveda has something to offer.


Ayurveda and our products

The spice mixes, tea blends, snacks and other products on our site are thoughtfully crafted and sourced with Ayurvedic concepts and principles in mind. One can get a feel and a basic idea of what might suit your specific need by the product description. By understanding some of the basic qualities in the ingredients and or a general grasp on some of the key Ayurvedic tenets, you can adopt practices and diet to fit your constitution. For a more in depth inquiry, you would need to see an Ayurvedic clinician for a pulse diagnosis. However, all products are safe and suitable for most constitutions. For example, all the spice mixes and most of the tea blends will be beneficial for digestion, assimilation and metabolism. They say you are what you eat, but more importantly, you are what you digest. If your digestive fires (agni) are low you might not be getting as much out of your food as you should be, this is where spices/herbs like cumin, coriander, fennel, ajwain, cayenne and ginger come into play. The tea biscuits and snacks are rich, nourishing and grounding, and enrich ojas (the body's immunity, vital energy and strength). The various herbal and medicinal products you find here will also have some intentional benefit. 


About our name

Soma is the lunar deity/energy of sacrifices and ceremonies.
It is associated with the moon and thus rules over water, negative ions, plants and herbs. Soma is linked to cooling, rejuvenating and nourishing quality's like milk and other healing potions. The Soma drink was the heavenly elixir consumed by the Demi-Gods, Rishis and Sages in ancient Vedic times, used to enliven the soul and induce altered states of consciousness, boost energy and alertness and leads one to immortality and bliss. Soma is that sweet lunar nectar settling in nature and is the ambrosia of mental coolness that replenishes the mind and other facets of nature.